In semi-related blog-worthy news, A friend recently asked for job leads in green building or sustainable energy in Calgary. His friend is moving here, and is looking in those specific areas.

In my experience, this city has what appears from the outside to be unlimited jobs in the oil industry. But, for me at least, it was hard to find anything that wasn’t. So I was happy to put together a quick list based on my own job-seeking efforts back in the day, and based on networking I have done since. These are not job leads, per se, as I don’t know of anyone looking for someone right now. But, the links below are great places to start looking for leads, opportunities, and network building.

So here is the short list I came up with, posted as a blog because I’m thinking that some of our followers might be interested in the same kind of thing!

The first site I suggest is the Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) ECO Job Board. The jobs posted here appear to be Canada-wide, and aren’t limited to building and energy jobs. There are environmental technician jobs, reclamation jobs, vegetation technician jobs, you name it. You can search by city to narrow your options to your preferred location.

Second, Green Calgary has a Green Workplaces Directory that lists companies in the city offering “green” jobs. I’m not sure what their criteria is, but the list is extensive, so the job-seeker can choose from numerous options, then look into the chosen companies to check that they meet his or her own requirements of a green job. For my friend specifically, there’s also a list of LEED & Green Building Consultants.

Third, Green Drinks Calgary offers networking opportunities. These are meetings of like-minded individuals, so those new to the city meet people with the same interests. But, more importantly, personal contact is the best way to learn of job opportunities and be successful in applying for them. As such, this option is highly recommended.

Finally, the Sustainability for Breakfast Network provides similar networking, so you can burn the candle at both ends while job-hunting! In addition, the breakfast venues, initiatives, organizations, and companies featured at these meet-ups all offer potential leads. Plus, breakfast.

So those are the four directions I would recommend starting with. I hope this post was helpful! Best of luck in any job searching endeavors, and welcome to Calgary!

As always, our lovely readers’ comments are more than welcome, and if you know of a green/sustainable job source in Calgary that isn’t listed, we’d love to hear about it below!

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