Our team has been pretty busy with certain topics, e.g.  investigating future development scenarios for Glamorgan, doing first steps on a traffic simulation and asking Glamorgan members for their opinion about what is working and what could be improved in the community. We will report more on those items in future blogs, when we can show some results.

This time I like to present a result of my work in the past 3 months. An online-application that should answer the question: Where can I walk in 5 or 15 minutes?

We call this tool a “walkshed tool“. If you want to try this tool, then click on the following link (note, a newer browser version is required):


If you select a position with the marker and then click on the “Path Based Concave Walkshed” button or the “Edges” button, then you should see either an area or streets marked in blue that show until where you can walk. See below for an example.

Screenshot of the walkshed tool, showing a 5min walkshed as green area and as blue marked roads.

This is not the final version but a prototype that will later be integrated in our PYP platform and webpage. Also we will use it to extract other information, to answer questions such  as: Can I walk to a supermarket, bus station or shops from home within 5 mins?

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