Well, no news for 1 month. So, what happened? – Of course we haven’t been hanging out lazy in our academic chairs, but have been working on a couple of things; mainly in the past 2 months:

  • We started our community engagement with the Glamorgan Community in Calgary. We held a first workshop and several focus group meetings to explore what community residents like and dislike about their community. Coral is the one who does most of the work here.
  • We improved our platform prototype on www.planyourplace.ca/elgg/. In particular we made a second version of the “commenting tool” that should allow to post location-based comments on things people like and dislike about their community. New are the integration with the platform design and the workflow to add and view map comments. I hope we can add a function soon that allows trying out commenting, and of course Facebook style “like-ing” ;), with an “anonymous” login. Also, we had to prepare city data for the new map prototype and the engagement work with Glamorgan.
  • The literature review on participatory planning and transportation modelling that we provided to GEOIDE last year was edited by a professional editor, hired by the NEPTIS Foundation. Meanwhile the report undergoes a second round of editing and improvements and we hope to distribute it very soon to all interested parties.

Stay tuned!

If you have questions, let us know (using our contact page).

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