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GEOIDE is a research programs management organization focused on the geomatics industry. The organization supports research on emerging technologies and methods that are both marketable and enabling, and which contribute to a growing geomatics-based economy. The organization also focuses on supporting the training of highly qualified practitioners, to further support a geomatics-based economy.

GEOIDE brings together universities, industry, and philanthropic leaders, both national and international, and supports networks of interdisciplinary practitioners. This helps create strong networks of geomatics leaders. This in turn supports the development of new technology in the areas of Mobility, Environmental Change, Distributed Sensors, Sustainable Urban Development, and in the Canadian North.

Ultimately, GEOIDE aims to build a permanent legacy by producing technologies and methods that benefit society and the economy.

The Neptis Foundation

The Neptis Foundation aims to fill a void in knowledge of urban environments. To this end, the Foundation supports research on the urban area. This research is focused on topics such as agriculture, economy, energy and environment, forecasting, social structure, urban form and transportation. More generally, the focus is on built environment and landscape, and matters affecting quality of life in urban areas.

Work sponsored by Neptis aids in formulating policy that creates good urban spaces. It also informs discussions and has a constructive and creative influence on debate. It serves to enrich public knowledge and bring scholarly research to policy formulation and decision making, while removing boundaries between disciplines. The Foundation produces non-partisan and timely research to help understand the machinations of urban areas. The goal is to support objective data collection and analysis to inform solutions to urban issues. The research is expert, non partisan, and privately funded.

Ultimately, Neptis aims to have positive impact on decision making and urban management by providing unbiased data to help inform good decision making.


Tecterra invests in geomatics technology that provides solutions to the resource sector and geospatial information management. The organization specializes in supporting the commercialization of geomatics technology. To this end, funds are made available to researchers and industry to support their creation of new technologies. The group invests in small and medium enterprise, entrepreneurs, researchers, universities, and conferences.

The core focus is the resource sector and resource management, and funding is provided to support all areas of the geomatics economy. Tecterra projects fall into one of six main areas: Industry Commercialization Projects, New Ventures, Highly Qualified Personnel, Alberta University Commercialization Projects, Network Facilitation, and Geomatics Lab.

Tecterra ultimately aims to contribute to both Alberta and Canada’s economies by supporting the geomatics economy. This will have a positive impact on job markets, infrastructure development, and economic activity, and benefit of all Albertans and Canadians.

The City of Calgary

The City of Calgary encompasses the political and administrative management of Calgary. Calgary is the largest city in southern Alberta, with just over a million residents. It is home to headquarters of many large companies in resource and transportation sectors, as well as the Calgary Flames and Stampeders. The City is nestled between the Rocky Mountains and Prairies, at the junction of the Bow and Elbow Rivers. It affords many recreational opportunities, from water sports and hiking in summer to skiing and snowboarding in winter.

The City of Calgary aids the PlanYourPlace project by providing data and consultation services. These are critical for creating a tool that uses timely and accurate information. In addition, the City has set many targets for growth, improvement, and development over the next thirty years through the imagineCalgary public engagement process. The City continues to engage citizens through many avenues, including social media and consultation. PlanYourPlace can contribute to these efforts by giving citizens a medium in which to visualize and test their own ideas for Calgary.

The Calgary Regional Partnership

The Calgary Regional Partnership is the conglomeration of fifteen municipalities in southern Alberta, centred on the City of Calgary. The area encompasses 1.2 million residents and stretches from the Rocky Mountains to the Prairies. These municipalities plan improvements in concert to ensure coherent regional planning and development.

The Partnership focuses on coordinating planning and managing complex inter-municipal relationships. This helps to deal with such multi-faceted issues as planning and growing within the environmental carrying capacity of the region. This includes things like creating solutions for transportation effectiveness over a large region, and infrastructure and servicing effectiveness.

The goal is to help the disparate municipalities work together to build a strong and sustainable future in the region, including a healthy environment, rich community life, and a prosperous community.

The Pembina Institute

The Pembina Institute envisions a world that meets its needs sustainably, and conserves all living systems, including clean air, land and water. The Institute works toward preventing climate change and ensuring a safe and just global community. This is done through research, education, consultation, and advocacy. The Institute produces reports detailing effective strategies, can be hired by agencies who want tailored information, and publicizes results to inform people of the effects of their decisions.

Specifically, Pembina focuses on advancing sustainable energy solutions. These are defined as energy systems that meet people’s needs now and in the future, and that are accessible and equitable. Energy systems should be as efficient as possible to help meet this goal, and must be built upon strong conservation strategies. The Institute focuses on both environmental and behavioural change metrics to help achieve this.

Ultimately, the organization seeks to empower people to live healthy and fulfilling lives while meeting their energy needs sustainably.

GeoDiscover Alberta

GeoDiscover Alberta is an Alberta Government agency that provides online access points to maps and other geographic information. The service was recently launched to the public, and represents a step in progressive data availability by making government data accessible to the public.

The Alberta Government has detailed, up to date information reflecting the state of Alberta and about many important issues in the province. Provision of this to the public allows people to use timely and relevant data to analyze situations and respond to important issues by formulating well-informed solutions.

The data provided will help PlanYourPlace build a tool based on the latest information and conditions. This will ensure the tool is relevant and timely, and reflects facts and issues on the ground. These are critical conditions to making an informative and useful tool.