"News" are the new "Blogs"

I installed today a new plugin to create news items (called PloorNews). It works similar as the blog tool - actually it is based on the original blog plugin but "blog" was renamed to "news" by the author. The two differences to the original blog plugin are:

  • based on grid layout
  • allows upload of images as we can see below where I added an Image from the Aland Islands.

The plugin actually needs the Phloor Framework (link).

Well, after publishing I actually see that the image is a bit small and will be placed below the post. Also it is not sure if we can attach multiple images and how deletion of images works :(

I also made this post public to see if non-logged-in users can publish comments on it. To enable anonymous users commenting I have installed the "Speak Freely" plugin together with the "Moderated Comments" plugin.

image:"News" are the new "Blogs"


  • Hei just want to test the anonymous commenting functions.

    thanks for your nice post. :)

    But it looks like the captcha is a bit more complicated since the words are not sensemaking.

    - jonnynoname

    Anonymous 2483 days ago

  • Hei,

    I removed the captcha - so that should be easier now.

    But I have a problem to post now ???

    - admin

    Anonymous 2483 days ago

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