General Development Project Information: Revision

General Development Project Information

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Community park in West Connaught

West Connaught Park Orthophoto
Location of future park in West Connaught

The City of Calgary Parks is planning to redevelop an existing green space in the community of West Connaught, on 16 Avenue S.W. between 11 and 12 Streets. The renewed park will add more and much-needed open, public green space to the Beltline, which now only meets 30 per cent of The City’s community open space targets. Redeveloping the site will provide the community, and specifically residents who live in condominiums and apartments nearby, with a new, open space to connect with each other, with nature and even a piece of Calgary’s heritage.

The site is being redeveloped with the help and generosity of a private donor whose contribution will supplement funds for park improvements. To learn more about the space and to get a better understanding of what people want to see and have in the park, Parks is working to engage the community. From the feedback and ideas provided by the community, Parks will develop a vision for the site that captures the wishes of the donor, the community and the site’s history.

The City of Calgary Parks has retained Ground3 Landscape Architects and Mistri Consulting to lead the overall engagement and visioning process for the park. View theproject FAQs for more information.

Public Open House

Based on the input obtained on the initial concept plan presented in July 2014, Parks has been working on refining and further developing designs for the park redevelopment in West Connaught - now renamed as Thomson Family Park

Join us as we present the revised concept design based on your feedback for the new park.

Date: Wednesday, February 4
Times: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. or 5 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Location: Good Earth Cafe, 1502 11 St. S.W.

What We Heard: The proposed park vision and concept plan

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Avision and proposed concept plan for the park was presented at a public open house on July 19, 2014. Both the vision and the proposed concept plan were developed based on input received to date and from the Public Workshop. Feedback was gathered at the public open house that afternoon, and through an online survey, which is now closed.

Generally, the community and other park users are supportive of the overall concept and design elements, including:

  • The provision of flexible green space and engaging foliage.
  • The consideration of the site’s history with the rehabilitation of the bowling green into a large open green space and a park pavilion representing the club house.
  • The revitalization of the playground space.
  • Inclusion of space for seasonal vending.

Building from prior engagement, continued themes and areas of concern from residents remain:

  • The ongoing overall maintenance of the new design.
  • How the design would contribute to reducing anti-social behaviour in the park.
  • The integration and treatment of the back alley.
  • Sufficient lighting in the park.

All of these ideas, suggestions and comments will be used to refine and improve the final design and development plan for the park. The final plan will be presented before moving forward with construction.

Public workshop and summary of public input

Starting in April 2014, The City of Calgary Parks has been gathering input from the public about the park.Comments gathered have been analyzed and posted on summary boards in the park.

On May 24 2014, a public workshop was held in the park. Participants were asked to prioritize design elements to be considered for the park’s redevelopment by filling out arecipe book. Theresults of this workshop have been tallied and will be posted on summary boards in the park. Thank you for thegreat feedback and participation at the event!

Your input was used to develop an overall vision andproposed concept plan for the park.

Information about aproposed pilot off-leash area at Connaught Park (14 Avenue and 11 Street SW) was also presented. Additional information and engagement for this project will be undertaken separately and will start later this summer. Look for more information about this new project to come!

Site's Heritage

This site was first recognized as a park in 1929, when space on the site was developed for use as a lawn bowling green. Over the years, the site has been used for a variety of other reasons as well, including a picnic and sitting area, and a play area equipped with a small playground for kids in the community.

The site is listed on Calgary’s Inventory of Historic Resources. While it will no longer service the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club, there are physical elements of the site that can be retained and celebrated within the context of changing the site into a publicly accessible park.

Parks has had many successes with updating and altering cultural landscapes in Calgary while still retaining the heritage value of the sites by following The Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.

Calgary Lawn Bowling Club

The Calgary Lawn Bowling Club (CLBC) and Parks have been working together since 2009 to find a suitable new home for the club. A new location in the SW community of Spruce Cliff has now been identified and plans are underway.

There’s already an active senior’s group in the community which provided Parks with the opportunity to build a new joint-use facility for the two seniors’ groups to use. The new facility will provide many advantages and synergies for the groups and will become a new community hub for Spruce Cliff.

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