What We Heard

The public was engaged to obtain a better understanding of what their open space needs and desires for this space were.
Input from all stakeholder groups was gathered and compiled to inform the creation of concepts and final design for the park. 

The proposed park vision and concept plan

A vision and proposed concept plan for the park was presented at a public open house on July 19, 2014. Here's What We Heard in response to the proposed vision and concept plan. Both the vision and the proposed concept plan were developed based on input previously received.

Generally, the community and other park users are supportive of the overall concept and design elements, including:

•  The provision of flexible green space and engaging foliage.
•  The consideration of the site’s history with the rehabilitation of the bowling green into a large open green space and a park pavilion representing the club house.
•  The revitalization of the playground space.
•  Inclusion of space for seasonal vending.

Building from prior engagement, continued themes and areas of concern from residents remain:
•  The ongoing overall maintenance of the new design.
•  How the design would contribute to reducing anti-social behaviour in the park.
•  The integration and treatment of the back alley.
•  Sufficient lighting in the park.

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