Phase 2 - Fall 2014

Phase 2 of the engagement for Prairie Winds Park took place from October to December, 2014 and focused on collecting input to help shape the final design concept for the park. The results of the Phase 2 engagement are summarized in the What We Heard Report for Phase 2.

Based on your feedback from the first phase (summer 2014), we came up with three different design concepts. These concepts and our design process were presented at a Public Workshop held on October 29 where we heard great input from participants. The video posted above is what was presented at the workshops. 

In Phase 2, we asked you what you thought of these concepts, which one you preferred, and what you liked and disliked about each one. We collected feedback through an online survey, sounding boards located in the park, via text, email and Twitter (#prairiewindspark).

Citizen input collected during this second phase of engagement will be used to develop a final park design concept that will be shared with you later this winter. Once a final concept is determined, it will be presented to Council for approval.  Upon approval of the concept additional detailed designs will follow in 2015 and construction a year later in 2016.

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